Art Commisions by Holt Slack

18"x 40" Original Oil on Canvas, painted from a 2x3 photograph.
Completed 2007 - Used with Permission.

16"x20" Original from photo. Subject posed for the work as Anniversary gift.
Pastel and Pencil on tinted Canson paper.
Completed 2008 - Used with Permission.

9"x12" original from photo. White/burgundy Prismacolor over gray/pink Canson paper.
Image used with the owners permission. Prints also available with permission.

    If you are interested in commisioning a personal one-of-a-kind
    piece of artwork, here are some things for you to consider
    in order to make the art uniquely yours.

  • Size: Commisions are available in almost any size you request, with 9"x12" or 11"x14" being the standard sizes for pencil and pastels. Larger sizes are available based on available standard sized art canvases.

  • Media: Acrylic, Oil paints, pastels, and pencil. Typically I use stretched canvas or Canson textured papers in a variety of colors for my art. Other media include drawing directly to crescent or mat boards, smooth paper, or newsprint. Each of these media give a distinctly different texture to the finished art. I will work with you to help you decide which will best achieve the look that you desire.

  • Color: If you are looking to match a hue of an area of your home, set the mood of a room, or just want a piece of art in your favorite color, through base tones and media colors I can make that happen for you. Your art can be monochromatic, black and white, or full color. Please look at my other commisions and art to see how these styles can work for you.

  • Subject: Whether it is a family portrait, collage, or you just want a drawing of a favorite photograph, I will draw figures, portraiture, architectural or landscapes. Once I receive your original or idea, we will discuss styles and options to make sure you get what you are looking for out of your art.

  • Modeling: If you live in the Dallas area, I could work from a live model or from a photograph of the model that I can also provide. Contact me for details and pricing.

  • Pricing: Original 9"x12" range anywhere from $20-$100 depending on the subject. Original 11"x14" from your photo are $100.00. Please inquire for pricing on larger items or for art from live model.

    Thank you for your interest and support!

Contact FigureGround.

All images are the property of Figureground Fan Art and Holt Slack, copyright 2009.
Do not use or reproduce without permission. Thank You!

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